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Manage developer and build tools, their configuration, and common commands in a single centralized repository.

🌐 Centralized configuration

All your tooling and configuration in a centralized location. Maintain once, install and re-use everywhere.

🤖 Pragmatic drivers

Streamlined and deterministic tooling for popular projects in the frontend ecosystem, like Babel, ESLint, Jest, TypeScript, and many more.

🗂 Workspaces support

First-class support for executing drivers and commands across workspaces (monorepos) in a consistent fashion.

🧩 Typed configuration

Instead of configuring drivers with JSON, YAML, or JavaScript, use TypeScript. Ensure your tooling is setup correctly with robust type-safety.

⚡️ Dynamic strategies

Generate driver config files at runtime using custom CLI arguments and one of many efficient strategies: created, referenced, copied, manually templated, and more.

🏗 Template scaffolding

Encapsulate common files and patterns into templates that can be easily scaffolded into new or existing projects.