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Rollup driver

Provides Rollup support by dynamically generating a rollup.config.js config file.


  • Rollup ^2.0.0


In your configuration module, install the driver, Rollup, and any loaders or plugins.

yarn add @beemo/driver-rollup rollup

Create a file at configs/rollup.ts (or js) in which to house your Rollup configuration.

import { RollupConfig } from '@beemo/driver-rollup';
const config: RollupConfig = {
input: 'src/main.js',
output: {
file: 'bundle.js',
format: 'cjs',
export default config;


In your consuming project, enable the driver by adding rollup to your drivers config.

import { BeemoConfig } from '@beemo/core';
const config: BeemoConfig = {
module: '<config-module>',
drivers: ['rollup'],
export default config;