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Beemo can scaffold projects through the amazing hygen library. Hygen separates templates into groupings of "generators" and "actions", coupling a front matter concept with ejs, to deliver a powerful and convenient experience.

Creating templates#

To make use of scaffolds, create .ejs files within your configuration module, located at templates/<generator>/<action>. For example, if I wanted to scaffold dotfiles, I may create the following template for a .gitignore.

to: .gitignore

Hygen uses front matter to define target destination, overwrite rules, and more. View the official documentation for more information.

Generating files#

Once our templates exist, we can generate files within our consumer using the yarn beemo scaffold <generator> <action> (or npx beemo scaffold) command. This command will copy all files from the template folder to the to target defined in the .ejs front matter.

You can also define template variables through command line options like --name!

Note: Beemo doesn't support Hygen prompts at the moment, so any existing files will be overwritten.